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Smashing Conker tradition

Since 2017 Peckham Conker Club has been  smashing age-old conker-playing tradition.  Not so much refining as redefining the game of conkers with a South London twist.  Join the club & get smashing.

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Aged for quality

Taking Conkers to another level, we’ve perfected an ageing tradition comparable to the finest French wine houses, providing an environment to age conkers for the next generation.  Conker no.12 is our 12 month aged conker, cellar-aged in Victorian Peckham vaults; Conker no.24 adds another 12 months together a uniquely polished finish.


Conker no.12

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Conker no.24

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World Conkering

Peckham resident Chris Q grew up in Yorkshire in the 80's where 'stampsies' ruled and autumnal school playgrounds were virtual conker cemeteries, littered with smashed conker dreams.  30 years on, Chris is bringing conker-shaped dreams to Peckham with South London's first Conker Championships together with an assortment of premium conker paraphernalia.  Go conkers.  Play the Peckham Conker Championships.  Sign up here >>