Peckham Conker Championships 2017 [round up]


The inaugural Peckham Championships took place on a balmy Saturday October afternoon at the Montpelier Pub.  As with all good conker games, the Championships started with lunch and a few beers, to get things warmed up.


The Championships were divided into 2 categories: the under 5’s and then 5 and over.


The under 5 category was dominated by bruiser Arlo.  At one and half years old, what he lacked in experience he made up with passion and accuracy - resulting in a series of impressive wins.


Arlo met his match with David CB, who at the ripe old age of 70 wasn’t giving any of the new blood a chance and in the final took Arlo apart with his conker cunning - coming out overall winner, with Arlo in second place.

Arlo, the Peckham Conker under 5's champion.

Arlo, the Peckham Conker under 5's champion.