Peckham Conker Club match play rules


There are two main rules that the Peckham Conker Club works to: Orthodox and Battle Royale.

Orthodox rules

Orthodox rules are the classic standard rules as set by the World Conker Championships.  Two players face each other and each player alternates taking 3 shots each;  each game lasts 5 minutes; standardised conkers only allowed (i.e. no tampering / modding); no stampsies allowed.

  • The game starts with a coin toss.  The winner chooses to strike or receive.

  • Players’ conkers must be no less than 20cm a apart

  • Each player takes 3 strikes at the opponent’s conker

  • Each attempted strike must be clearly aimed at the opponent’s nut - with no deliberate misses

  • The game is decided once one of the conkers is smashed.  If both conkers smash at the same time, then the game should be replayed.

  • A player causing knotting of the laces will be noted; 3 snags will lead to disqualification

  • If a game lasts more than 5 minutes, then each player is given unto 9 further strikes alternating with 3 tries each.  If neither conker is smashed at the end of the 9, then the player with the most strikes during this period will be the winner

Battle Royale rules

At the heart of the Battle Royale rules is an ‘anything goes’ ethos.  The only core rules that stand are the length of the game (5 mins max) and the alternating between players (3 hits each and then swap).  Other than that it’s a free for all.  For example:

  • You can mod your conker to your heart’s content (e.g. harden it in vinegar, cover it in diamonds etc.)

  • Stampsies is legal

  • Tangles and pulls are legal

  • You can adopt any kind of hitting position

Battle Royale is more about cunning than endurance.  Let the battle begin ;-)